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Blog Update: 27th March 2020

“Hey guys, firstly thank you for checking out my new site. I wanted to transfer over my whole site to a new platform, which has taken some time to sort. But got there in the end. Hope you like the functionality so far”.

“What a crazy month! Work has been so busy since the start of 2020. At THP we have started working with some new teams and always seem to attract new riders and athletes from different industries every year which is great for us. It allows some diversity in the work and design style we use. From November right through to the end of March is the busiest period, with a very large percentage of my work being in and around the motorsport industry. As we know the Covid-19 Virus has caused major disruption for all sporting events over the world and most events have been postponed. Im sure we are all in favour to do the correct thing and assist in preventing the virus from spreading”.

“After scheduling a holiday with the family we were forced to return home only after 4 days of a 12 day holiday in the U.S, 10 days ago. Straight after returning home I tried to resume to work plans as usual and continue to push forward with current workflow, make new plans with our longterm clients and try to operate the design side of the business as best as we can. But like everyone it’s really not easy, especially with the current economy. Personally I have now been working in isolation for 10 days. When we returned from the U.S we realised how wide spread the virus was getting so due to myself having a slightly lower immune system with no functioning spleen we decided to operate late nights in the office and work from home in the daytime, just as a precaution really”.

“Currently operating from home, we are really wanting to try and remain positive about the negative situation, so we are trying to mix up the days. Our days consist of working stints in the day whilst spending time with the kids, so that’s pretty cool. I will also have my 7 year old boy designing logos in no time, not forgetting his maths homework of course!!. Life’s always a juggle normally, this is just a little more chaotic! Like most I’m sure. Stick in there, just think so many people are doing the same and you are not alone. Watching the news is probably something thats on the TV in most houses across the world at the moment, and generally it’s all negative, so fingers crossed we start to see some positive news soon. I have been trying to get some early morning exercise in every day (Keep me sane) spend a dedicated 1-2 Hours with my kids, sorting some house chores and working in between so not all bad. Especially when you see the NHS Staff working so hard across country and other medics across the world doing such a great job! Well done”.

Stay positive. Stay Strong. Catch up soon – Thanks for reading – Tommy Hill

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